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If you have questions or comments- please leave them here. Everything is private and not published. There’s been a lot of viewers lately. Wonder who has figured  out Robyn’s lies this time?

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Evidence Robyn left behind…


I thought you would cover your tracks better than this Robyn. In your rush to steal everything out of D’s house when you moved out- these were left behind. You scribbled over “Tyler” on one of them but the one you didn’t try to cover up has the best proof because it dedicated to “Tyler” with a special note to Brady on it. Why do you have CDs made for Tyler and Brady? Brady is the made up son of Ty Saunders – the person you keep denying you had anything to do with and yet you have his personal CDs. What is your explanation this time?

Of course, you will tell your parents that we made these up to frame you – but some day people will stop believing your lies. You are a pathetic human being Robyn. The way you left and took everything D had that you didn’t pay a dime for is despicable. I don’t know how you and your family sleep at night after robbing her blind. You had it easy for so long but it wasn’t enough and it never will be. Your actions show just how pathetic you are and will be for the rest of your life.

But thanks for leaving these behind. Every bit of evidence that connects you to this is more insurance that you don’t have a case against us.

Really??!!! How f-ing dumb can you be? Do you really think this will go away and your name will be cleared?

Not a chance.

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Hope everyone catches Dr. Phil today!

My lovely friends over at got a chance to share their story on the Dr. Phil show today. Please check it out!

I admire their courage and willingness to share their story. People are too quick to judge the victims here and probably think we are naive or weak but that is not the case. The strength to push for answers and tell our story takes more guts and brains than most people will ever have the wherewithal to use.

It’s unfortunate that the people committing these emotional crimes against women (their person is a completely different girl than the one written about here) has no culpability and has the audacity to play the victim when confronted. I wish the Dr. Phil show had focused more on tracking down the culprit for them (her name is Julie and they have very good evidence that leads to her)- even though these girls know who has been doing this – it would have been real validation to confront Julie with the cold hard facts and refute any excuse with evidence to support them.

What I have learned about the women that have done this is that they are arrogant, manipulative, and controlling. They do not allow people to question them and truly expect that their excuses will never be challenged. Julie and Robyn (again- they are not related in these stories and it is by chance that we as victims found each other and pure coincidence that both women are in Ohio) are LUCKY that they have not had to face their victims and explain themselves. We would not stand down and allow you to explain away your sick deviance. Thank Dr. Phil for not asking all of us to “look into” this matter because we would have tracked your asses down and confronted you. Your biggest fear would be realized.

Also, thank you to the blogger at for the other group for passing our info on to the Dr. Phil producer. We were also contacted by them and shared our stories along with the evidence and name of the suspect. Unfortunately, our situation was too complex for what they wanted so it remains untold except for this blog. Robyn narrowly escaped national exposure- this time.

Check out the show and see the faces of real people that have been hurt by this Online Deception.

Dr. Phil – to catch a catfish

REMEMBER– The women on the show and at the other blog are not victims of Robyn’s. They were victims of a girl named Julie who has been doing the same thing that Robyn likes to do (and they are not connected).

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A message for Robyn’s friends and family.

This is not an attempt to ruin Robyn’s life.  It is a plea for her to stop ruining the lives of other women and for you to help her.  She is living a double life and hopefully having this information will help you believe the truth and not the excuses she makes up.

The most important FACT that you need to know and that can not be fabricated by any of us is the phone history of Ty Saunders.  All of his deception was done on the phone.  

Here are a few of  the phone numbers for “Ty Saunders” that he used over the last few years including the most recent one:

937-416-6709        937-694-9457       937-416-6233

Recognize any of them?  You should because they have all belonged to Robyn over the last 3 years.  Don’t you wonder why she changes numbers so often? You probably do not even question her excuses.  You should.

  • We have 3 years of Robyn’s cell phone records for these phone numbers.  We also have the phone numbers of the victims counted in this blog.
  • The phone numbers of the girls that spoke to Ty over the last three years are ALL OVER EVERY SINGLE PHONE BILL!  There are THOUSANDS of calls and texts!  This is not an exaggeration, it is probably a conservative estimate.  All of the dates and phone numbers confirm that these were Robyn’s numbers at the same time that Tyler had them.
  • My phone number is all over her August-September 2011 phone bill.
  • “Beth”, the girl at Macy’s that Robyn followed in September 2011 but claims she didn’t know, her phone number is all over those records at the same time too and on the day of the incident at Macy’s. Just click HERE to read that story.
  • There are 3 confirmed girls from the last 3 months that spoke to Ty and his phone number was 614-416-6233.

How much more do you need to know?  Robyn’s phone is not getting hacked!!  No one person gets their phone “HACKED” that many times.  If that was really happening, don’t you think something could be done about it or maybe she would try to find out who was doing it? Do you know anyone else that has ever had their phone hacked?  Neither do I.  It just doesn’t happen that often and certainly not multiple times to the same person!

Please stop accepting these LUDICROUS excuses.  It is preposterous to think that this is all a coincidence and she is the target in this elaborate scheme.  She has a problem.  The problem is bigger than just lying and tricking women.  You only need to know read a few of the posts and know that she is a sick person.

  • There are now 17 women that have been deceived by her and that is only the tip of the iceberg.  
  • She started doing this in the year 2000 and is still doing it today.
  • Some of the victims had been unknowingly “introduced” to Robyn. Tyler would tell the girls to meet up with his friend “Robyn” at the Quarter Horse Congress and she would show them around since he couldn’t be there to see them!
  • The most recent confirmed victim is 19 years old.
  • Listen to a call with the person pretending to be Ty Saunders (and Luke Shafer they are all the same person)
  • More facts than I can list but am happy to share if you want the truth.

Contrary to what you have been told, we are not a bunch of crazy girls that are in love with Robyn.  We are not falsely accusing her.

If you choose to ignore the obvious, then you are enabling her to continue her predatory game in which her new prey are barely out of high school.  I wonder how well those girls will handle these lies?

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Catfish comes to life – thank you MTV

Leave it to MTV to expose the depravity of these people and how they indulge their sick fantasies by hiding behind fake online personas.

I can’t wait to see how this series presents the stories and if any of them even come close to what we have experienced.

I hear stories all the time of people that lie about various things on their dating profiles and the other party is always shocked when they MEET the person and find out the truth. But hey, at least they actually met the person and he/she was the GENDER they claimed to be.

Anymore, if you are dating online, you just need to spot check some facts and verify the stats on your date. If you don’t, then you’re naive. It’s not hard and it’s not crazy.

So, lets see what MTV thinks of our story. They may not be interested because we already know the truth, but the truth is so twisted and jaw dropping, they may just take a second look. It goes far beyond the stories in this blog……

Note to interested parties (i.e. MTV or Nev Schulman):
Although the person behind these lies has denied any involvement or even knowing the women that were victimized, we have irrefutable evidence that proves her guilt. No embellishment, no false evidence, no unsubstantiated facts are found anywhere in this blog. In fact, there are so many more pieces of evidence and hundreds of pages of stories that connect the dots to this 7+year mystery, that you really need a chart, map, algorithm and cliff notes to fully appreciate the complexities and how the story unraveled. Sadly, this person has never suffered any consequences for her actions and probably never will since no crimes were committed. Lucky for her- it would have been hard to find a high school coaching job with a record.

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That Fateful Day- 9/19/2011- and a message for D

It has been a busy summer and I have not thought about “this” for a long time. But yesterday, September 19th, caused me to stop and reflect on what transpired this same day in 2011.

One year ago on this date, which happened to be a Monday last year, we wanted to test our theory about who was behind the voice of Luke Shafer (the same person who also pretended to be Ty Saunders). You can read that story under “The Final Chapter- Part 1” (yeah, I know, I haven’t posted part 2 as promised).

It was an emotional day for the 9 women who had been duped by Ty/Luke. We had a suspicion that Robyn Meinking was the person that had been pretending to be a man online and over the phone all these years but it seemed too ludicrous to actually be true. Even though all of the evidence pointed to her- EVERY BIT OF IT- we all hoped that there was something we were missing.

I am sure Robyn’s girlfriend (we call her D) is hoping for the same thing.  Here we are, 1 year later, and Robyn has managed to continue her deception with D, someone she supposedly loves.  

It is worth noting, again, that “Ty” DID claim to love several of the women he spoke to as he told them regularly and professed it in many love letters (also posted elsewhere in the blog).  One can only wonder if Robyn (aka Ty) really is capable of love when she was doing all of this while being in a committed relationship with her girlfriend.  Granted, Robyn did start this game in 2005, long before they met.  She just couldn’t stop feeding her addiction…

We all know how devastating it is to find out that the person you are in love with is nothing but a lie. Maybe one day D will come to terms with the fact that the person she shares her life and her home with is a pathological liar that essentially has been cheating on her for the entirety of their relationship.

As a group, we all feel sympathy for D since she is a victim in this as well.  She has probably even questioned Robyn about this but we know how good she (Ty/Luke) is at explaining away EVERYTHING.

A message for D:

You have to be suspicious about Robyn’s excuses and if you have read any of the blog, you must know that we are telling the truth?  We have nothing to hide here and will show you anything and everything that you need to see to have your questions answered.  This was not a minor head game Robyn played with us for a day or two and it is not something she is likely to stop doing.  

There are also several new women that came forward recently who talked to Ty Saunders starting in 2005 and were contacted by him as recently as May of 2011!  None of them knew about the blog until they randomly did a search for Ty Saunders and found it this summer.  It only took one thing to confirm that they definitely talked to the same “Ty Saunders” and it had nothing to do with any of the evidence posted here.

Robyn probably only told you about the small group of us here in Columbus (and one in TN) that were “framing her” (her words) because we had all managed to find each other.  Can she explain why she is hiding from the other women in the “family tree” (and the new ones from 2005!) who all happened to be involved with Ty Saunders?  We didn’t even know about some of them until recently, so how does she know them?

I don’t know how she can live with herself knowing that she has hurt so many innocent people and exploited so many more, including her own family!!!  Perhaps she will always look over her shoulder, wondering if another victim has tracked her down?  Or maybe she will wonder if the person she is lying to believes her, or is trying to catch her in the act?  Robyn will never show remorse, but I hope her paranoia gets the best of her one day.

The question that will always linger:

“How did Robyn get away with this, with so many women, at the same time, for so long, all while living with her girlfriend?”  

It doesn’t matter what the answer is any longer. We got the confirmation we needed on that rainy Monday afternoon one year ago and no amount of explanation will ever dispute the fact that Robyn is the sociopath behind the fictional “Ty Saunders” (and other names she came up with over the last few years).  We would LOVE to be proven wrong.  But since this is the truth, I doubt that Robyn will actually try to dispute any of it.  She would have to acknowledge the facts, face her wrongdoings, and actually take ownership of her illness and whatever happened to make her this sick. Oh, and face the person that she has deceived and hurt the most….

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Site views just skyrocketed. Please email us

Who is visiting the blog today? Our site views are tripling by the hour. If you are reading this and not sure what it all means, please email me. You probably have a ton of questions and want to know if this is the person you are talking to or did talk to. I promise your identity is safe and any info you share will not be made public.

Email is

Please don’t wait any longer to get your questions answered.

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